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Our mission is to help you to discover, experience and enjoy all the wonderful things that Amsterdam and Holland have to offer you. In order to do this we offer quality tours with personal service. We are not a limousine service, but we think you deserve the best.

During the past 10 years which we have been operating our tours, there has probably never been 2 similar tours. Within the frame of the main highlights, we allow ourselves to change and improvise and we respect your personal wishes. This enables us to stay passionate about our job and we believe this translates to greater enjoyment for our guests. We have built our tours to combine the attractions all visitors would like to see, with unknown beauty spots we feel add to the experience. For more information about shore excursions please click here

Tour 1 - Windmills, cheese, fishermen & wooden shoes

This is a leisurely laid back tour which combines a visit to some of The Netherlands most popular tourist attractions, with some unexpected beauty spots – just off the beaten track.

Tour 2 – The Hague (Den Haag)

On the shore of the North Sea, about one hour drive from Amsterdam lays the Hague. It is the political centre of The Netherlands and here you will find the House of Parliament, the queen’s palace, the International Court of Justice and a lot of beauty and art.

Tour 3 – Keukenhof (during the flower season only)

Hundreds of thousands of flower lovers flock each year, during the blooming season, to view this wonderful show of colour and smell.

Tour 4 The River Vecht

If you think you have seen it all then join us for a tour of 17th century mansions situated in beautiful gardens along the river Vecht. This is a relaxing, slow pace tour, along one of the most beautiful tracks in the country.

Tour 5 Aalsmeer Flower Exchange and Haarlem

An average of 20 million flowers is sold in this largest flower exchange in the world, every morning. In order to enable you to see this wonder at work, we have to depart early in the morning. 

Tour 6 Giethoorn

The Highlight of the day is undoubtedly – Giethoorn, described by the tourist operators as: “Venice of the North” it is of course – nothing like Venice. It is however a beautifully preserved village built in the middle of a swampy area. Each farmhouse is actually built on a small man-made island

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