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An island of tradition

The farms were built along a narrow road through a swamp, thus becoming the 10- kilometers long village of Staphorst-Rouveen. The farms are of the traditional Low Saxon type. They have green doors and window shutters. Most farms existing now were built between 1850 and 1910.

Staphorst is an island of tradition in a fast moving world. A large proportion of the population holds fundamentalist Christian beliefs, and opposes technologies such as television. This is in contrast to the permissive, libertarian tendency associated with the Dutch.

Many of the locals still wear their traditional clothes which add to the visitor’s  feeling as if he/ she has stepped back in time. One of the traditional farm-houses is now a small, yet interesting museum, about the history, traditions and farming. On days other than Sundays, tourists are welcome.

Attention: a local regulation forbids taking photos and films of the locals without their permission. Also, swearing and cursing is strictly forbidden by law.

* A visit to Staphorst can be combined with a visit to Giethoorn or Elburg

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Beauty and tranquility, with a small group and a great guide!

H. Deutekom
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