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Passengers Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) for ocean and river cruises

Whether you stop here for a few hours, or choose to stay for a night or two before or after your cruise, we will be happy to show you around. We could also help you commute between the Passenger Terminal and the airport. You could join one of our regular tours, or design a private tour to fit your needs. Many of our regular tours depart at times which coincide with the arrival (times) of the cruises. We will therefore be able to pick you up as you arrive and add another highlight to your vacation.

You will find that we (will) try our best to adjust to your needs and to surpass your expectations.

May we suggest the following for your convenience:
1. Pick up at PTA with your luggage
2. Tour of your choice
3. Drop at airport at the end of the tour

Please see our tour itineraries for more information or write to us with your request.

Our transfer rates:

Passengers Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) to Schiphol Airport (or v.v.):
1-4 persons: € 60.00
5-8 persons: € 70.00

Passengers Terminal – Rotterdam to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (or v.v.):
1-4 persons: € 120.00
5-8 persons: € 150.00

Tip - Bring new "cruise" acquaintances along and get a tailor made tour at an advantageous price


Beauty and tranquility, with a small group and a great guide!

H. Deutekom
Next Step
Airport Shuttle Services
Our price:
1-4 persons        € 60.00
5-8 persons        € 80.00

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