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The tulip bulbs are already in the ground

The tulip bulbs are already in the ground and to prepare the fields for the approaching winter some farmers cover the neat rows with straw. Apparently this reduces the chance of frost damage during the cold winter. It is very beautiful to see the new fresh straw shining on the land in a sunny day. In a few weeks the straw will become wet and less shiny. Tulip-bulb growing is a major industry here in The Netherlands in fact more then 3 billion tulip bulbs are grown here each year. The flowering fields where the bulbs are grown became a major tourist attraction on their own right. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit from all over the world during the spring months to see this amazing display. If you visit our country between March and May you will probably want to visit the Keukenhof we will of course gladly take you there on one of our Keukenhof tours. It is indeed breath taking to visit this magnificent garden which draws around 800,000 visitors in its short opening season each spring. However, what many people don’t realise, is that you get to see endless carpets of flowers in bloom also on our Giethoorn tour and many of our special tours as well. To read more about the history of the tulips check out this website Another interesting fact, is that all this beauty and colour is actually very short lived. When the flowering has reached its peak, the farmers go with special machines and cut the bloom. This allows the plant to invest more of its energy in the development of the bulb. And a big fat bulb is what the growers are after. You could see pictures of a farmer chopping off tulip bloom in a field near Hindeloopen in Frieslad (on the Giethoorn tour), on our Flickr page The plant is left in the field for several more weeks and then the bulbs are picked from the ground and sorted by size. When the flowers are cut off many flower growing areas celebrate this with local flower parades. There are many spectacular parades but the most famous is the one in the area of Lisse. Click here to visit the website. Tourist Shuttle Amsterdam offers a special service to enjoy this parade – details and dates will become shortly available. In the meantime you can enjoy photos from the beautiful parade of 2010 in the above site or on our Flickr page.


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