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In the footsteps of Vincent

If you’ve read Irving Stone’s LUST FOR LIFE about Vincent van Gogh’s emotional, tragic short-lived life, or heard Don Maclean’s song “Starry, starry nights”, you’ll want to know about this talented, tragic figure. And what better way than following in his footsteps, in Holland, the country of his birth.
Vincent van Gogh was born in Zundert, the Netherlands, on March 30th 1853 and died at the age of 37, on July 29th 1890. He lived a tragic, turbulent life and came to fame only posthumously. Shortly before his death he sold only one painting “The Red Vineyard”.

One of the special tours we promote on our site is “in the footsteps of van Gogh”. In this wonderful excursion, we take our guests to visit meaningful landmarks in the life of this genius. We cannot visit all the places we would like to, on such a day. However, one place where we always stop in this tour, is the village of Nuenen.
The charming village of Nuenen, is situated approximately 1.5 hours’ drive South of Amsterdam. This is one of the many locations where Vincent lived during his short but turbulent life. You can walk through the many landmarks of the village and visit a special museum “Vincentre” recently established depicting the life of Vincent van Gogh.
The  Vincentre has been established as a monument to van Gogh’s life. In it you can learn of some of the intimate details of his life, as well as “meet” the people who played an important part in forming his character. The village itself has been made into an open-air museum where you can walk the paths he walked, sit where he sat and see what he saw. There are 21 sites in the village that are directly connected with his life there. You’ll find audio information poles situated precisely where he stood as he painted some of his most famous paintings. Some of these sites still breathe the spirit of the past, some 100 years ago.
Visiting the Vincentre, one is moved by meeting the characters who played a role in Vincent’s life: his Mother, his father, his brother Theo van Gogh, ministers and business people who impacted his life. By using headphones you can actually hear these people talking to Vincent or reading letters which they wrote to him.
On the second floor you can view reproductions of portraits of the village folk which he painted with great love. Vincent loved the poor and gave from his own meager possessions so as to help them. One of the most famous paintings which he painted in Nuenen is “The Potato Eaters”.
In short, visiting Nuenen is one of the most meaningful ways of experiencing part of his life. One starts understanding, as in Don Maclean’s own words: “I could have told you, Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you”



Thank you for your beautiful

stories and beautiful country

Elizabeth S
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