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Serious request

Serious request - If you want to add something special to your Dutch vacation, take the train to Eindhoven, go to the main square and join the party. Serious request is a special charity event – this year all the proceeds go to the Red Cross in order to help what is known as the silent victims of HIV AIDS. Not the people infected with the disease but the people left behind. This especially concerns the many children, who are left fending for themselves, in some very difficult circumstances.
3 famous radio DJ’s lock themselves in a glass house for a whole week. They are not allowed to eat any solid food and get very little sleep. During this week they keep making radio 24 hours a day. People can call and donate money in many ways. The whole show biz world of NL comes together in support of the project.

It is beautiful to see how the Dutch people get together around the theme of giving and helping the less fortunate people in this world. While in The Netherlands and in many other western cultures, this time of the year is characterized by access consumption. Iit is nice to have someone reminding us that most of the people in this world leave in poverty.
So here is your opportunity to discover the beautiful old center of Eindhoven, do something more meaningful on your holiday and get to enjoy a great party.


Beauty and tranquility, with a small group and a great guide!

H. Deutekom
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