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A trip to the North

Tulip fields and lots of beauty - North of Amsterdam. The Tourist-Shuttle team went to meet a new business relation in the top of the province of “North Holland”. We have used the opportunity to tour one of our favorite areas. Just half an hour drive North of Amsterdam on the A7 highway, you will find yourself in one of the most charming and authentic country landscape one can imagine. Our meeting took place in the little village of Midwoud. The village together with its’ adjacent neighbor - Oostwoud is a small cluster of houses and farms about 10 kilometers from the highway. A drive through the main street of Oostwoud revealed beautifully maintained old country houses and old farms.
We continued along narrow country roads between fields which now lay bare but many of them will be blazing with tulip blossoms in the spring. Tulips are a popular crop in this area and taking a drive on these roads in a couple of months could prove to be a magical experience.
The little town of Medemblik with around 8000 inhabitants is a very interesting place to visit. The center of town is charming with many 17 and 18 century gables.  At the end of a wide main street with historic buildings on both sides stands the old council house against the backdrop of the dike. Near this imposing building you can find the train station. These days, the regular trains do not stop in Medemblik anymore, however a tourist steam train makes the route between here and neighboring Hoorn. This is a historic train and it operates on a special timetable. You can find more information, including the impossible (for me) to decipher timetable at another great attraction in charming Medemblik is the bakery museum you will find it (use your nose…) just about 50 meters in front of the old council house. This old fashioned baker’s shop is full of curiosa all to do with the art of baking. Although the web site is only in Dutch in the museum itself the written explanations, are also in English, German and French. The museum volunteers sometimes walk around wearing traditional cloths and the place also offers baking workshops or children activities. No matter what your plans are, you will always be able to find a wide and tempting selection of freshly baked cookies.

Bakery museum (Bakkerijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij), Medemblik
The Bakery Museum - Medemblik

The corner of the bakery museum is the starting point for the Medemblik Scavenger Hunt.  This is a great 2 hours activity for a group of friends or families. You get to see the nice corners of this beautiful place, you can learn something on the way and exercise is said to be good for you… the Scavenger Hunt Is organized by a local company and you can get the route description- all very neatly made with photos and text, at the “het Hof van Medemblick” café.  This café is a couple of hundred meters from the Bakery Museum at the beginning of the main street (address – Kaasmarkt 6 Tel- 0227541386). At the moment the route description is only available in Dutch but the organizers promised it will very soon be available in English. Along the route you will also catch a glimpse of the imposing Radboud Castle. Overlooking the waterways this 13th century castle was renovated to its’ present form, at the end of the 19th century. 
To finish our wonderful afternoon we paid a visit to the nearby village Twisk. This very small farming village has gained prosperity in the beginning of the 20th century. The good times continue as evident by the neatly maintained and beautifully decorated farm houses.

A typical farm house in Twisk

A typical farm in Twisk

Twisk is one of these places that make you start calculating in your head the practicalities of moving to live there.
We sometimes get clients who have been with us more than once in the past. These people might say – “just take me for a nice day out”. We like combine a drive through this area with a visit to Alkmaar or Enkhuizen and maybe, if there is time, to cross the Houtrib dike to Lelystad and continue along the Oostvaarders dike back to Amsterdam. A great day out.
Visit our FLICKR page for photos from this tour.





Thank you for your beautiful

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Elizabeth S
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